Taking some ‘me’ time

I’ve been quite unwell and uninspired this year (I’ve realised that I’ve actually been in a continuous flare up since last October!), and after talking it out with my psych consultant earlier this week, we came to the conclusion that I need a break from ‘business’.

I put far too much pressure on myself and the stress of combining my creative outlet of hand embroidery art with sales and algorithms is just not good for my mental and physical health right now.

So, I will not be accepting any commissions for quite some time.

This may mean that I will be completely skint for a while but my mind and body just need a chance to relax and recharge.

I will still be embroidering and posting about it but I will be focusing on things that I personally want to do.

Although I’m sad that I have to take this break, I’m also excited to see what I’m able to come up with, with no added pressure attached, and I hope you are too!

In the coming months, I’m going to need my patrons more than ever, so if you would like to help support this new start, please visit: patreon.com/radpatchco